Who's got your back?

Doesn't it feel good to have somebody to lean on when times are tough? Everybody needs a good sister. I dedicate this last week of the love-month to my sisters. YOU know who you are. You each have served an awesome role in helping me to be the best me. I pray I have done the same for you. A sister’s love will tell yah off and eventually apologize for HOW it was said. A sister’s love will patiently wait for you to see the light of truth when darkness has dimmed the wisdom in your heart with lies. A sister’s love will be ready to embrace you with love, compassion and a listening ear…and a shoulder to cry on when the revelation comes that you really blew it! Do you have a sister? Not j


Did you get what you wanted for Valentine’s Day? Yes? REJOICE! No?? REJOICE!!!! Even more! Yes, us girls may have the “Oh who gets THOSE?” at our office, in our neighborhood or at an event around strangers and friends. We (guys AND girls) may have a certain desire or expectancy that generates even MORE expectancy and desire. Nothing wrong with that at all. God is a giving God. Expect it. God is a loving God. Expect it. HE desires to give to you…and He does! KNOW IT! “Every good and perfect gift comes from above”. – James 1:17 It’s always nice to receive gifts from others. It’s even more awesome to give! He does and I love it! I remember the feeling I had when a kind Christian family

"OH how I love Him!"

I am so tickled about LOVE! It’s not just the word but the One Who IS love on every level. I am so looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Some would assume it’s due to a new ‘boo’. Wellll… let’s just say I am even more in love with my First Love. I have yet to meet anyone as kind, compassionate, patient, enduring, creative, gentle, tender, peaceful, intelligent, wise, forgiving, never-failing, never-ceasing, always constant, excellent listener, superior provider…wait. I just realized, there isn’t enough room to write about all He is to me. Just knowing Him would have been enough. Consequently, loving Him intensified after experiencing the shock of those you love, loving you…less. Yes. W

NEVER give up on you...or your future.

Something Bishop Jakes said in a sermon really stuck with me. “The first time you ever do almost anything, will feel overwhelming, like torture.” Have you stayed on track with your new year’s resolutions? Any setbacks? Any do-overs? ALREADY??? LOL!! It’s all good! Don't give up! At least you are moving even if it feels like you are standing still. Journeys are in sssslllooowww motion. I remember when I first started writing my first book. Some days I was so tickled to have so much to say. Then other days I kept trying to figure out WHAT to say. But I remembered the late Dr. Myles Munroe saying, “The wealthiest place he has ever seen is the cemetery. Why? Not because there are m

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