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Who's got your back?

Doesn't it feel good to have somebody to lean on when times are tough? Everybody needs a good sister. I dedicate this last week of the love-month to my sisters. YOU know who you are. You each have served an awesome role in helping me to be the best me. I pray I have done the same for you. A sister’s love will tell yah off and eventually apologize for HOW it was said. A sister’s love will patiently wait for you to see the light of truth when darkness has dimmed the wisdom in your heart with lies. A sister’s love will be ready to embrace you with love, compassion and a listening ear…and a shoulder to cry on when the revelation comes that you really blew it!

Do you have a sister? Not just a blood sister but a friend who is LIKE a sister? I have been blessed with SEVERAL. Each has their own unique personality, talents, gifts and extraordinary ways of blessing me.

Thank you and ABUNDANT LOVE to all the sisters out there who know how to be an incredible sister-in-love-no-matter-what. I get the biggest joyful kick to know you are all there. I pray I do the same.

Make this the day you begin to be there for a sister/friend. Yes, the beginning of a true sisterhood is to be there for each other. Sometimes, that’s enough.

More Joyful Jots?

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