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"OH how I love Him!"

I am so tickled about LOVE! It’s not just the word but the One Who IS love on every level. I am so looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Some would assume it’s due to a new ‘boo’. Wellll… let’s just say I am even more in love with my First Love. I have yet to meet anyone as kind, compassionate, patient, enduring, creative, gentle, tender, peaceful, intelligent, wise, forgiving, never-failing, never-ceasing, always constant, excellent listener, superior provider…wait. I just realized, there isn’t enough room to write about all He is to me.

Just knowing Him would have been enough. Consequently, loving Him intensified after experiencing the shock of those you love, loving you…less. Yes. We can fail each other on every level. But my God is never changing…always the same, yesterday, today and forever.

So, this Valentine season of cards, flowers, candy and candle light dinners, let us remember the True Love, Christ. His love note is the Bible. He sends us flowers EVERYWHERE (we just need to notice). He is sweeter than any candy or honey that lingers (with no calories!) And, depending on the magnitude of “candle light”, He gave you the sun every morning and the moon and stars for a dreamy night. You can’t beat true love. Just embrace it. Embrace Him!

Enjoy Valentine’s season. You’re already loved.

More Joyful Jots?

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