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Did you get what you wanted for Valentine’s Day? Yes? REJOICE! No?? REJOICE!!!! Even more! Yes, us girls may have the “Oh who gets THOSE?” at our office, in our neighborhood or at an event around strangers and friends. We (guys AND girls) may have a certain desire or expectancy that generates even MORE expectancy and desire. Nothing wrong with that at all. God is a giving God. Expect it. God is a loving God. Expect it. HE desires to give to you…and He does! KNOW IT!

“Every good and perfect gift comes from above”. – James 1:17

It’s always nice to receive gifts from others. It’s even more awesome to give! He does and I love it!

I remember the feeling I had when a kind Christian family exited their large truck with boxes of gifts at a nearby gas station and the father handed me one on behalf of their church. I cried. And thanked them and HIM. The Giver. Yes, I could have bought my own box of food but He placed me at the right place at the right time to give me an overflow, just for me. Just because – HE LOVES ME. Almost tearing up again, just thinking about the One who thinks of me every second of every day and night, JUST because He WANTS to. JUST because He LOVES me, unconditionally. Oh, the Joy of Jesus’ love. “So high you can’t get over it and so low you can’t get under it.” THAT’S phenomenal love, forever. He gave so we can give, love. When we raise our hands in praise, we send love to Him and we are open to receive love from Him. Love the reciprocity of love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Raise, release, receive. What a joy!

More Joyful Jots?

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