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NEVER give up on you...or your future.

Something Bishop Jakes said in a sermon really stuck with me. “The first time you ever do almost anything, will feel overwhelming, like torture.” Have you stayed on track with your new year’s resolutions? Any setbacks? Any do-overs? ALREADY??? LOL!! It’s all good! Don't give up! At least you are moving even if it feels like you are standing still. Journeys are in sssslllooowww motion.

I remember when I first started writing my first book. Some days I was so tickled to have so much to say. Then other days I kept trying to figure out WHAT to say. But I remembered the late Dr. Myles Munroe saying, “The wealthiest place he has ever seen is the cemetery. Why? Not because there are millions of dollars underground but there are people who never fulfilled their full destiny. They took what many of us needed to the grave.” In addition, He said, “There is a book in everyone born and the majority of them were never written. There are people living today who needed those books that were never written yesterday.”

So, I wrote my book.

I learned so much in the process. As I look back and consider writing more books, I learned that none of the books are totally complete. There is always more information revealed before, during and after a book is written.

But, if you never start writing it, the knowledge will never reach the next generation beyond your lifetime.

Write the book. Now. Write the song. Now. Write the play or the screen play. Design the home. Develop the business. Process your vision and dream. Keep digging. Keep moving. Just. Do. It. Your new year can start, today. Better today than leaving those who needed you wandering aimlessly because you took what they needed to your grave.

Do it today. Enjoy the journey as you pass the baton to future heroes like you.

More Joyful Jots?

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