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What comes before a F A L L?

Have you ever met someone who is so endearing, so wise, so kind, so sweet, so loving that it’s irresistible to ignore them?

Or have you ever met someone who somehow makes everything about them?

I’ve met them both. The first is Jesus Christ and the second…is you and me!

Since the 1st fall in the Garden of Eden, the release of a prideful spirit has saturated our hearts and souls to the degree we have to triple check our motivation. “The heart is deceitful, who can know it?” – Jeremiah 17:9

God knew there would always be a chance that we would turn away from Him and turn on each other. This is why He sent His most valuable sacrifice because our value means more to Him than we truly know. No loving Father would ever desire their children to turn on each other or to ever think they are superior to each other. When we allow our prideful nature to rise up in our hearts and minds…killing, stealing and destroying will surely follow.

But, when we humble ourselves and submit to God’s voice to “love one another as Christ has loved you”, not only does the desire to hurt, harm and endanger your fellow man dissipate, the very thought of doing so breaks your heart to even consider.

The manifestation of the racist chaos was already rooted and grounded in prideful souls, waiting for the opportunity to destroy another one of God’s children. None of us are superior nor inferior regardless of the creative tones of our complexions.

The next time we attempt to kneel one knee or both – let’s kneel before the Lord, submit and humble our hearts to Him and pray “create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me.” Pride cometh before a fall – it’s inevitable. Fortunately, if we keep our head humbly bowed to our Heavenly Father, He will spring up the riches of love, joy, peace and compassion in all of us. Don’t fall for the prideful lies of the enemy towards any of God’s creation – His people – your brothers and sisters. After all, we are family.

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