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I attended a homegoing service for a sweet little boy who died from an accidental drowning. Hundreds of mourners and supporters flocked around the sanctuary supporting the heartbroken family with hugs, tears, and reminiscing powerful stories. He was 6 years old.

Years prior, I attended a homegoing service of an older man with approximately 6 people in attendance...yes, 6. When his daughter called her father's siblings to inform them earlier about his declining health, their response was "Good! Is he dead yet?".

So, what was the key difference between the 6 year-old boy and the man in his late 60's?


This little boy not only gave his life to Christ when he was four, he was infectious with spreading the Gospel of Christ with everyone he met - no, not like a preacher but living out the love of Christ in thought, word and deed with everyone. He loved mentioning His love for Jesus.

Now, the older man - let's say...had major issues in which he never properly dealt with - deeeep issues that permeated his thoughts, word and dirty, nasty, perverted deeds. In spite of a very distasteful unfriendly history and selfish lifestyle, he gave his life to the Lord just hours before he passed away.

Now, which life do you represent? Both the young boy and the older man embraced something God gave us all - the power of choice.

Remember this. There are 2 scriptures that come to mind:

"Choose ye this day whom you will serve" – Joshua 24:15 and "Remember to number your days" – Psalm 90:12

We all have a number of days God has granted. Although we don't know how many, the question is the quality and not the quantity of days. How will you spend the rest of your days and whom will you serve?

God created us all “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Clear out the junkie burdens in your soul by giving not just part but all of you to Christ. You won’t regret it and those who surround you now will be blessed you will one day see the Almighty, face to face, leaving behind a packed house of those who adored you and now love Christ.

Everything in this world is temporary. Make a permanent choice for where you will spend eternity.

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