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Love is gratitude, too!


We are so in a hurry to get “there”. Whatever “there” is for you, getting there is not always about the “get yours before they get there’s” process. Honestly, are we moving in faith if we are in a mad rush to become what God has called us to be? In rushing, did we fully hear what the Holy Spirit said?

In one of my favorite study books, EXPERIENCING GOD by Henry Blackaby, I was a bit taken back when he said this, “If you do not have clear instructions from God in a matter, pray and wait. Learn patience. Depend on God’s timing. His timing is always right and best. Don’t get in a hurry. He may be withholding directions to cause you to seek Him more intently. Don’t try to skip over the relationship to get on with doing. God is more interested in a love relationship with you than He is in what you can do for Him."

Just like a spouse would prefer you responding in doing things out of love and not routine duty, God desires a relationship with us FIRST. When you are in a love relationship with care and concern for the other, the needs become clearer. You become more open to connecting the more you connect in love.

Love IS patient, kind, with no envy, no boasting, no pride, not self-seeking, not easily angered, and keeps no record of wrongs. ALL of these descriptions of love takes time to develop. So, what’s your hurry? The more you build your relationship with Christ, the clearer your purpose and the plan God has for you increases. Now that is something to be grateful for in not just this season but everyday of your life.

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