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Gratitude...NO MATTER WHAT


Several weeks ago, Nashville and surrounding counties experienced an awful series of storms.

Near my home, some trees, larger than life were ripped apart or uprooted and scattered everywhere, while other trees lost a few limbs but were still standing. And some, looked as if they had never been touched.

Now, all of us have experienced storms in life just like those trees, some storms you came out barely standing up and loss everything to the other extreme of walking right through it coming out looking like a superhero…not a cut or bruise.

Either way, we are called to rejoice and again I say rejoice! Says so in the Bible. Now, if you are currently going through a storm, don’t scream at your radio, I assure you, we have all tasted painful things in life.

How can you even begin to rejoice in stormy times? Gratitude. Now, when I was homeless a few years ago, I was thankful for the few who would allow me to bunk for a short while, I was grateful that different kind people handed me a few dollars (some a lot of dollars) and food and I was grateful that I was still able to go to work, full-time, every day. I was grateful to be in my right mind (ol’school phrase) and most of all, I was grateful to know that our sweet Savior had me in the palm of His hands.

And, He has you as well. So, I can’t take your troubles away, but I can share with you what made the storms bearable. Finding SOMETHING to thank God for. Gratitude…the attitude of grace.

Having a hard time getting started? Allow me to the Father for you…(Just message me on and I will be happy to pray for you!)

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