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"I want out..."

"I don't want to live anymore"

"I can't cope with this life."

"I wish I could escape...forever."

"I am sad all the time."

"I can't shake this depression."

"I can't get over the loss of____"

I had all these thoughts several years ago. JOY was the LAST thing on my mind in the midst of unbelievable, excruciating, indescribable pain...yet then and even more now, I am a Christian. I know the scriptures of "Life more abundantly." THAT life seems unobtainable when you are in mental and emotional pain. AND you FEEL like NOBODY understands and you believe the lie. The lie in your head ..."There is no hope and no need for my existence." I have been known as the "jolly girl" and "the dependable one" which seemed to compound on the question...

"Who will listen to me...who can help me when they all assume I 'got this'...this problem and this solution...when the pain is so deep, I can't even reach it in the depths of my soul."

If you can relate to ANYTHING I have stated and you can relate to what I have been through...please PLEASE do NOT give up! You ARE so precious to God and even others--especially others you are not aware of at this time. There IS hope! There ARE people to turn to...inside and outside of your circle.

I am more alive now than ever. Does the depression beast try to sneak back in? Of course! But! I have and intentionally maintain a renewed mind of "Life more abundantly."

Hey! Get help! YOU are worth it! I WANT TO SEE YOU WITH JOY! And deep down...pass through the dark hole of sadness and depression, you do too! I look forward to you JOYning me with the "peace that surpasses all understanding" in this life. I LARVAH you!! Love, Appreciate, Respect, Value, Accept and Honor YOU! Don't continue in silent pain alone. Get the help you need. I did. And I am forever grateful to the Almighty God who NEVER left me NOR forsook me! He was there in the darkness with HIS light of hope and I had to choose to FOCUS MY MIND on HIS word and the light of His eternal being!! I am a renewed creature in Christ. It was because of the pain that I recognized JOY on a whole different level BEYoND they enemy and his spirit of despair!! PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS!!!! He is my Alpha and my Omega!!! My beginning and the end!! I can do AAAALLLL things through Christ who strengthens me!! And He can strengthen YOU!! Come out of the shadows of the enemies lies and LIVE with your mind FOCUSED on the VOICE of GOD!!!😇🙏😂😂

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