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Dealing with Grief

I was done…

She was gone and I had no control to keep her here nor bring her back. Mama. I searched the Word of God for answers. Answers I WANTED to hear. Not the truth of reality. The pain was too real yet many moments indescribable. But God can open the most unique doors that help you process the realities of life until the comfort is able to ease in behind the concrete of emotional pain’s intensity.

“Sometimes words are not adequate to express all that we are feeling. This is especially true in grief. When words won’t suffice, creative and expressive arts help us to expand our vocabulary and gain insight into our own inner world.” – The Warm Place

I found the coolest website on how art helps the processing through grief.

Although the location may not be near you, the website is very helpful with other resources.

Remember, you do NOT have to go through grief alone. Even if your family and friends are unavailable, God’s grace, peace and strength is available 24hours a day and night. Everyone at some point in life, will experience grief. It can feel like it will never end and the guilt in those moments when you are feeling more at ease can seem strange. Grief is a process. You cannot avoid it or run away from it. It’s a part of life that needs to be dealt with accordingly.

Grief carries fears. Fears of your life, other loved one’s lives, how fragile life can be, and not knowing when anyone’s day is coming to say good-bye can feel overwhelming. Again, you are not alone. It can feel lonely. Everyone has a different relationship with the same people. Pace yourself with how you deal and with how others deal with the loss.

First and foremost, dealing with grief is not foreign to our Lord. There are several helpful scriptures and biblical stories to help you through the process. Check out this link for a list of 10 very wonderful scriptures I think you will find helpful. Click below.

In the meantime, may I pray for you?

Father, in Jesus name, bless your child reading this prayer with tremendous peace that passeth all understand. Protect their heart and mind from the enemy’s spirit of fear and depression attacking and pushing them into a depth of despair. Encourage their soul with your Holy Spirit that you will NEVER leave them nor forsake them. Thank you, Lord, for honoring Your word as Your child processes through a difficult time in the days to come. We bless You Lord for being everything we need even when we are unaware of your grace, power and goodness. In Jesus name, Amen.

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