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What is the point of Holiness?

Why is there resistance to Holiness? Is it fear? Or misunderstanding? Or both? Last week we talked about one part of holiness is discipline. Discipline is basically making a conscious habit of strengthening a practice or standard. And what does that require? Effort. Here’s the deal, the love of God is consistent. And He loves us no matter what. His constancy to love us is His nature. However, you and I? Well…we are human and we have to make a conscious effort to do anything! Even loving each other! I was feeling like a heel when I saw text messages and pictures posted of my dear family and friends kids graduating from high school!! Where have I been?? What efforts have I made through their childhood and teen years to strengthen my love relationships with them??!! Now as painful as that is and as much as my young sweethearts love me, I lose connection with them because I have not made a conscious effort to take time with them. Why? Financial responsibilities…a bunch of jobs…adjustments in my career & ministry…and that’s the short list. My not making the time to build my relationship with them as they grow to adults was not on them but me. Building our relationship with the Lord…and learning to love like He loves…and live the joys of living a holy life is on us. I have to make the effort to discipline myself to spend time with the Lord, to study His word, to come to the house of God-Church and fellowship WITH others who love Him too. I have to admit, when I miss my time with Him, it hurts us both. Me, because that holy flow connection with His spirit, His guidance, His voice is THE most gracious and powerful influence in my life…and HE misses me. Yes, my sweet Jesus calls out to me to spend time with Him because He loves me like none other. He loves you the same. You can’t help but desire to love like Him…to live a Holy life…the more you spend time with Him. Holiness is not a feeling. It’s a sweet, powerful, influential and loving lifestyle. It’s being like Christ. The value of our relationship with Him is worth every ounce of effort and time of discipline.

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