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If you could start your life over...START now!

This past Thanksgiving, the world said goodbye to another loved one in my family...this time, murdered. Since I was not fortunate to grow up around or live near any of my extended family members my entire life, I can't help but wonder each time each passing of a friend or family member, did they fulfill their purpose? You may wonder the same. Death wakes us up to not only the guilt, sadness, hurt and regret but it kicks in the alarm clock awareness that our day is coming. We just don't know when.

It would behoove you to continue reading.

You got time.

You have time to discover and process YOUR purpose!

YOU are created by a VERY creative God on purpose for purpose.

No, you cannot technically start your life over. BUT you can BEGIN to push, train, learn, and process YOUR purpose today! Don't wait until tomorrow or New Years day. Why? Your purpose may be needed TODAY! Don't miss the opportunity to give your gifts and talents away. Don't know them yet? You will when you seek to know.

One thing I DO know, you can start with 4 simple things to be aware of that encourages empowerment for any human being. Four things desperately needed and if these four things had been in the life of my loved one's murderer, it probably would not have happened. I'm sure.

The four things? Everyone desires to be loved, respected, valued and appreciated.

Imagine if EVERYONE understood and demonstrated these attributes. We would all have the determination and understanding of our value and necessity to find and live out our purpose.

Let's do it today BEFORE the "grave notice". We only have ONE life. Let's purpose to persevere on purpose.

I will love, appreciate, value and respect you for it. On purpose.

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