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Laughter or tears...NEVER give up! are half way there...your New Years Resolution. Are you still pushing? Did you forget? Did something get in the way? Did you change your mind because what you planned seems to not work?

Keep pushing!

Whatever is in the way, go around it!

Change your mind BACK to focus on the goal!

Cry. Nap. Laugh. Scream. Whatever you feel like doing in this revelation moment.

But whatever you do...


Someone you don't know is depending on you to complete your goals!

You are not alone in anything you do and you are not the only one who benefits in what you are called to do.

Do you!

YES! Do what you were designed to do!

We are waiting on you.

YOU are the answer to someone ELSE completing THEIR goal!

Get back in the race!

When it's all said and done, we all will get to the finish line...if...

We never EVER give up!

I am tickled with joy just thinking about the lives YOU will change!

MOVE! (You'll be glad you did!)

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