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You matter what.

I can't believe it. They got me. Ransom Virus bandits.

I was shut down for almost 2 months. No blogs. No emails. No facebook. No book promotion via social media. Nothing.

And I cried like a baby...not once...not twice...but over and over. may be saying "HOW OLD ARE YOU?" LOL!!!

Yes...I am NOT an adolescent but LIKE an adolescent, I thought my life was OVER.

Yes, I did do my best to take advantage of brief moments of personal use on my computer at work but that is no where near the time I use to build a, I shouldn't do personal things at work anyway. (all those who have, tell the truth...RAISE YOUR HAND).

Also, I was in the middle of a major theatrical production, training new people, producing and acting in the production at the same time. VERY limited time and sleep. And here is how life works...

AS SOOOONN as the show weekend run was over, my dearest friend completed the cleaning out and reset of my computer.

We waste so much of our energy...and tears...not trusting that God is in control.

Everything I preach about "choosing joy" was tested. I am amazed that I turned into an overgrown adolescent when all of my connections to the electronic world, ceased.

I am laughing now...about how silly I was crying over a temporary circumstance AND chuckling abut how all of us forget that we each can have setbacks no matter how much we think we have everything in control.

Life happens. Period. We have no full control over it. However, we DO have control over our responses. Although I didn't do it this time...SMH...I choose next time to CHOOSE JOY. Joy always stimulates less stress. Life offers enough stress already.

So, EnJOY your day!

The best choice you could ever matter what.

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