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Respect! (just a little bit...)

3 things you don’t mess with for most people: funds, family and food. For me? Yup! ALL three. It’s funny though, you don’t have control over other people. But! YOU are the only one you CAN control. Yes, I get it when you are enraged after discovering someone has stolen funds from your account with a falsified transaction. (been there). I understand when you snapped at someone for something they said or did to a family member (done that) and I truly get it when you shared some sensational words toward someone who ate the last morsel of yummies you were saving for later. (been there AND done that). Now, are these the right responses? As I chuckle, I am embarrassed to say, no. That doggone “you betta not cross me mindset” is an knee-jerk route we take to make sure we are respected.

Yes, we must take a stand on others respecting us. However, HOW we go about it can enhance the respect level or leave a reputation of being a spoiled-tantrum-raging 2-year-old.

It takes REAL character discipline with strength to clarify to others where you draw the line. It takes meekness. The awesome joy of meekness is the benefits: inheritance and peace. Check it out: Psalm 37:11

Now of course developing meekness does not happen overnight. Like anything worth having, it takes time. Time with God, in HIS presence, listening for His voice before you curse someone with yours. He sees the big picture and not just our snapshot moment of rage.

Learn from Him. I would rather learn from the Master Teacher in the classroom of the world than get stuck in society hallway with a dunce hat awarded for “Brat of the Year”. Yes, respect goes both ways. Handle giving and receiving it with care-full meekness.

Check out the chapter “Road Blocks” in my latest book “Who ART in Heaven?” Just a few sweet words to open doors of relationship awareness.

More Joyful Jots?

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