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Where is your focus?

Waaaaaiittt a minute…before we get too caught up in this "new president" stuff...don't "trump" your focus on YOUR purpose and HIS plan!

Let’s start this again. In order to do what we have been talking about when this year started (and the rest of your life) is to remember resolution one AND two!

Have you ever heard the phrase “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything?” My dearest mommy use to say this. She also said, “Don’t let some boy make a fool out of you” and “You betta get in this house before I kick yo’…” well, never mind that part. You get the picture.

Anyway, the first two resolutions work for everything, even the household family rules regularly protested by my mom. There is not one time God has steered me in the wrong direction. Not once. Did I ever THINK I was going in the right direction and turns out it was wrong? YES! I believe we all have at some point. But the blessed part of it is that we can start over and stay consistent with 1) living for God and 2) living for God REGARDLESS of what others do.

Now, this new year has just started into about two weeks. We have about 50 more weeks to go. On your mark…

Get set…

GO WITH GOD! (you have nothing to lose)

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