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What scares me?

It use to be losing my mom. Unfortunately, she passed away election day November 6, 2012. Since then, I have no clue. Losing her was my greatest fear. Or was it death coming so close to me? Not sure but since the "dark shadow" came that close, the fear seems to have a foggy lingering.

Not full blown fear but maybe deep concern is what I have about my future. Now that I am finally getting my feet truly saturated in the risk-taking aspects of fulfilling my dreams, it concerns me that I may not have enough time to fulfill them.

How do you stop the clock from ticking? Remove the springs? Or just ignore it and keep moving, hoping you have enough time?

I wasted so much of it, assuming I would have plenty to accomplish fulfilling every dream. I don’t want to waste anymore time. Concern has a subtle element of fear.

Fear is a distraction. As long as I focus on the fear, I waste time. So I have to constantly focus on my dreams and ignore the nagging, ticking voices of fear.

Plus, speaking in faith is always a tasty treat. It builds the flavor on the tongue to cast the essence of hope in the atmosphere… “I am MORE than a conqueror…”

Once I focus on faith, my fears dissipate.

Now I am back on the path to be great, by faith.

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