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My only regret is...

I wish I got to know Him better. I wish I had paid serious attention to His beckoning call. He tugged at my heart since I was a very little girl…like kindergarten. He was ALWAYS sweet. He was ALWAYS kind. He was ALWAYS forgiving, a good listener, excellent guidance, and most of all, He loved me beyond my imagination. All of this and more and He has not changed a bit. He is the ONLY one in my life who has NEVER left me or FORSAkeN me. Never. And He never will.

My regret? I wish I had spent more time with Him MUCH earlier in my life. I wish I had listened to Him more when I recognized His pulling for my attention…when He was encouraging me to focus on Him…make Him number one. Unfortunately, I made a terrible mistake.

I took Him for granted.

Because I knew He would always be there, I figured I could build a stronger relationship with Him when I finished doing other stuff. Not necessarily bad stuff. Just…stuff. Plus, the few people I knew who seemed to have a closer relationship with Him were weird or pushed in a category by others, categories I didn’t want, that would make me stand out like “Jesus Freak” or “Reverend Crystal” or “Evangelist”. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

But now? LORD JESUS, NOW!!! After ALL I have seen and heard and experienced, NO one can tear me away from Him. Although I took Him for granted, HE IS STILL HERE! Do you know anyone like that? I certainly don’t. As a matter of fact, I know PLENTY who are completely opposite.

Yup! My only regret was not building a relationship much earlier in life with the ONLY one who has never and will NEVER LEAVE ME NOR FORSAKE me.

The coolest thing about Him? I STILL get to know and be with Him. NOW He always comes first…and the last one I am with when I close my eyes every night. AND He watches over me while I sleep. I sure do love my Jesus for loving me in spite of me.

If ONLY I had built my relationship with Him much earlier in life. I would not have made so many mistakes and would not have had this one regret.

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