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Passion. Push. Greatness.

Aaaahhh Passion…

I absolutely love to see a well produced show that delivers an excellent performance bubbling into an eternal standing ovation for delivering the truth of God’s Word. Yes, I have a sincere passion to see it done right and make it happen.

Is it my innate desire to “fix” things to make sure nothing goes wrong? Maybe. It could be a combination of my desire to make sure the message of the project is excellent and the tug at my heart to see the audience respond with a desire to grow. Heal. Prosper.

I went to see the movie JOY last Christmas. It was like I was watching someone else live my life, or at least close to it. The drive she (Joy) had to achieve her dream and all of the ridiculous, unexpected, frustrating, heart-breaking discouraging events were too close to home. Midway of the film, I thought, “Surely it’s got to get better than this!” I was praying that this would not be a film like “Precious” released about 10 years ago. Excellently done but a roller coaster of emotions that landed in an ocean of hopelessness. Although as a former Social Worker trainee, I am aware of those real life scenarios, but Christmas day was NOT my idea of a day to enhancement depression.

Anyway, JOY was NOT that kind of movie. When it ended, I almost broke out in one of my super-shout-run-down-the-aisle-dancing jigs! NOTHING like seeing someone conquer the road blocks in life to reach their dreams AND give back to others later. This film increased my passion to heal and transform lives through every artistic medium. AND it intensified the fighter in me to know beyond a shadow of doubt…I win.

That one shot of JOY juice was the fuel I needed to get back on my more-than-a-conqueror feet and dance my way with passion to greatness. Sometimes it takes a power film, endearing book, melodious song or heart-transforming play to wake up the kick to “get up and get going” toward your destiny.

It’s such a joy to find avenues to re-awaken your passion to push you to greatness. I have an appetite to succeed in what I am destined to accomplish, so I can help others. The Joy of Victory is delicious!

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