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A mentor...? Wow.

I’m stuck on this one. I use to have one or two from time to time. I guess when your life goes through a whirlwind of major surprising challenges, you spend more time trying to keep up and maintain a steady livelihood that you never give a single thought to someone mentoring you. The only thing on my mind the last few years was getting back on my feet, regrouping and starting over. But…a mentor???

Sure would have been nice to have one WHILE I was struggling. Wait…

Now that I think about it, it sure would be awesome to have one. Actually, I do! 24 hours a day. Honestly, I have gotten use to just talking to Him (Christ). It’s easy. Familiar. Trusting. Convenient. I have life coaches in different seasons of my life. But the past several years, my best friend and guide is…yup, you know it! Christ.

IF I had a mentor, she would have to be where I WANT to be and willing to advise and push me to get there as well. Maybe I’ll ask my current Mentor to hook me up with an earthly one. He and I are always connected. Surely HE will show me the way to the right person.

Well…guess I’ll check in with Him and inquire. No time like the present! (just in case He chats with you to fill the spot, just holla at a sistah!) I could always use any productive advise. In the meantime, pardon me, gotta get back to the Good Book and on my knees. Amen.

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