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The tug of love...friends

Have you ever had a friend that keeps tugging at your shirt and saying, “Hey! You said you were gonna…when?” Yup! THAT person got me started on many things with a “tug”…sometimes felt like a shove. Frankly, this friend does the same thing I DO to others! Tug. Push. Shove. Encourage with determination to see my peeps move in their purpose.

It’s sssooo funny how I do this for others saying, “Jeezz! Do they not see that talking about it and doing it are two different things? Do they not see that they have a gift or talent in this area but the only one stopping them is them?”

I get it, dearest “tug” friend(s). And I got it. I finally started my first website this year (working on the business site also…and writing the deadline on my calendar). I am finally in the last stages of ACTUALLY publishing my first book. Which, by the way, is NOT for the sluggish or lazy! It’s a true discipline! I am throwing out clutter (material, physical and mental) so I make room with easier access to the most important things in my life. And I am working on me. ALL of me.

We should never cease to discipline working on ourselves. It makes us better people for ourselves and for others. It makes us grow stronger in the areas needed to help others to grow.

Today I continue the trek to discipline. Discipline my overall spending. Discipline my time. And a combination of both. We only have ONE life. Therefore we must plan to succeed. Marking my calendars. Sticking to deadlines. Mapping out goals. Daily. And having a keen apokaradokia.

What is apokaradokia? Pastor Steven Furtick delivered an excellent message on eliminating distractions in your life, we must apply apokaradokia…a greek word meaning: to turn away with concentration ignoring other interest.

Yes! Let us raise our glasses of focus with three cheers to APOKARADOKIA!

I’ll drink to that!

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