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Excavating. Rebuilding. Reinforcing.

Have you ever stood content and out of no where someone pulls the rug out from under you? or someone pushes you off a cliff? or drops you deep in an ocean and know you can’t swim? ALL this back to back while you were trying to build your life…or at least what you thought it was suppose to be. Well…been there done that and strangely enough, THANK GOD for it. Thank God for all the backstabbers, haters and perpetrators. Why? I am finally able to say if it wasn’t for all of them and just “life” stuff unexpectedly, I would not be where I am today.

Right BACK to the beginning. The plan? Rebuilding my life by excavating what I THOUGHT was sufficient to stand upon. Rebuilding my mind, body and soul with the right tools that fit me and how God designed me and what He designed me to do. And reinforcing…new thoughts of greatness, goodness and strength…new goals more suited for my DNA and plan God has for my life…and making it stick through discipline.

My soul was ripped to pieces the past 6 plus years. You name it, it happened. Everything I said would never happen to me, did. NEVER knew I had enemies until now. Never knew sorrow until now. Never knew heartache until now.

But God…

I love the scripture I rarely paid attention to Hebrews 12:2, “…He went to the cross for the JOY that was set before Him.”

SHAZAM!!! Who gets the blood slapped out of them for JOY??? It is the most bizarre scripture I ever understood AFTER I had to “bare a cross” in my life. After this…I realized the true significance of my life is living for HIM. Soooo…

What do I want to accomplish the most? Making HIM first in ALL that I do…career, relationships, health, visits to the gym, ALL OF IT. I am excavating the people-pleasing-welcome-mat-for-others-to-trample, rebuilding a firm foundation of knowing my value and strong relationship with Christ then disciplining myself to MAKE time with Him and MAKE myself aware of recognizing His voice for direction in all that I am called to do…uuummm…I think He JUST said, “Get to the gym.”

Yes Lord! (Now THAT’s a solid foundation relationship…greater than concrete)


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