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Wisdom vs Obsession

The picture in post 4 reminds me of the mindset of desire and sin. (since I can't seem to add the picture to this post, it is a picture of a dog leaping off a cliff on a mountain to grab a flying bird with his mouth). God has placed in us simple desires: to eat, to love, for warmth, etc. However, HOW we go about feeding those desires depends on the heart of wisdom. Wisdom is truly taking the moment to think of the best choice in the long run. Sin is making the wrong choice to fulfilling a desire with no way of knowing ALL of the unending, undesirable consequences…some immediate and some for years to come. For instance, we all have a desire AND a need to eat. But, after stepping on several scales in my lifetime and battling certain illnesses, it’s pretty clear to me that I made some “dog-to-bird-leaps-off-the-cliff” to the valley of bubbling cellulite and back-fat. Needless to say, my “so hungry I could eat a cow” has diminished to patience to prepare a simple salad and less panic on my overworked heart. Simply said, think before you leap…uh…eat.

One phrase that will never grow lonely is “If only…” I know I could say that time and time again for so many things. But it should not be your motivation to do nothing. It should stimulate a devotion, to developing wisdom…a disciplined life…of thinking of all possibilities and maintaining the faith that “if it is for me, I will have it.”

Trust. Obey. Faith. It boils down to trusting the wisdom and guidance of God, patiently. Obey whatever He says to do or NOT to do. And the punchline: Have faith that He will fulfill the desires of your heart…in wisdom.

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