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In spite of my pull to just chill in the coziness of His presence, the activities of the day beckon my attention. A perfect day begins with Him, coffee, breakfast and a gorgeous view of the oceans waves from a safely tucked away resting on a balcony, connected to my condo... and continues with reviewing the layout of my next book and workbook...stepping into my new SUV and head to the television studios to produce my talk show interviewing those who found joy through pain and encouraging those still searching for the joy that seems impossible...lunch with my sister(s) sharing abundant moral support and laughter at a nearby cafe...on to the local university to teach a class to up-and-coming artists and producers...quick trip to the local library and back to the condo with the ocean view to map out future business endeavors to build my business and ministry to a level beyond my imagination.

(THIS IS FUN just imagining it!) ...Dinner with my life coach, then home to crochet while watching true-story films about those who could never seem to "make-it" but did and lived to tell about it, enjoy it and flourish...because they dreamed it and never, ever, ever gave up.

How will I get to this perfect day? I am there already. My Best Friend told me when He said, "Call things that are not as though they were"..."faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". I know I can do it. I can see it, therefore I know it is possible.

OH! He even added a reminder about His character..."He who calls you is faithful and He will also do it." I love that He said that...confirms that He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me and He is with me in the journey.... I know it's true because He is perfect for my yesterday, today and forever. Absolutely perfect...with or without my coffee...and the ocean view.

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