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Conceptual Strategy of Arts and Academics for Ministry Leaders

by Crystal Joy, M.Ed.

We have all asked ourselves, “Does anyone care that I am here?” “Do I serve a purpose of value?” “Do I matter at all to anyone?” The answer is a resounding YES YOU DO!


 Who Art in Heaven is a delightful, personal, and inspiring perspective on establishing an understanding of your value and contribution to the world. Author Crystal Joy shares a personal account of how each of us is uniquely different for a divine purpose! We are diversely designed to use our divine, valuable purpose through creatively working with one another in all of the arts and academic arenas. If there is ever any question of “Why am I here?” 


Who Art in Heaven will enhance your awareness of your one-of-a-kind connection to others and your wonderful value to the world.  God’s plan purposely utilizes our gifts and talents in specific arenas to build valuable relationships, relevant ministries, and productive organizations.


“In all your getting, get an understanding.” This scripture is the essence of this profoundly conceptual book of the “whys” behind the “whats” of our purpose in the Kingdom. You have a purpose that only you can fill. Decide today to not waste another moment just existing. Who Art in Heaven is the colorful creative bridge to joyfully inspire you to cross over into your destiny while helping others do the same!

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We were all created to be awesome!! But there are specific areas we stand out more than others.  Wear it!! Yes, WEAR IT! CJoy Creatives has the flair of what you want to wear! Get your flair wear today! (click logo)

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