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SSShhhhhh!!!! DON’T SAY IT!!!

You ever felt like speaking your mind and end up putting your foot in your mouth? Yup! Plenty of times we kicked ourselves in the teeth. My mom used to say “think before you speak”. Most of us would probably “speak as we think”. If we feel taken for granted or disrespected or dishonored, we will shoot off deadly verbal bullets of retaliation. Remember the last time you did? The taste of your toe-jam is a delectable reminder to just….sssshhhhhh!!

Words. They speak VOLUMES in every situation. They can make a beautiful moment even more radiant. They can make a painful moment intensify. We have to be cautious of our words. The odd thing about words is that you cannot literally see them when they leave your lips. But you can certainly see the consequences of them. Even an apology does not change or erase hurting words. Apologies help ease the blubbering bee sting but the burning affects never disappear from the atmosphere. Words have power beyond our physical barriers.

Responding in humility, kindness, gentleness and grace goes a long way. (Prov. 16:24)

So the next time you are offended, betrayed or disrespected and the like…remember that a kind word response is greater than a retaliating killer phrase. Always go high when others go low. Pray for those who don't speak well of you. Remember, we reap what we sow. We are what we think. And we become what we speak.

Before you speak, what will YOU eat? Toe jam or honey? There is greater joy in the sweet flavor of the right words. Can’t say a good word? Then…sssshhhhh!!!!

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