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SSoOO have you started?

Soooo have you started? Your New Year’s resolution? What a joy to start ALL over! Well? Have you? We are only a few days into the new year. So if you haven’t begun to be more awesome, what are you waiting for?

You are one the most incredible person in this world. No one else can be you except you! So accept you! Accept that your purpose and the plan God has for you is ONLY for you! He has not changed His mind. If you feel off course or not sure, talk to Him…then LISTEN! If anyone knows all of what you can do wouldn’t it be the one who created you? He designed you as an original. There was no mold to break. You’re it!! Every unique attribute and characteristic and talent and personality is ALL yours! From HIM!

Every once in a while, everyone and like every musical instrument needs a tune-up! Take advantage of HIS knowledge to fine-tune every part of you and your life. Nothing like a fine-tuned piano and even greater is a fine-tuned you!

Let’s stay on key and stay in tune with His fine-tuning skills to become all He has created us to be!

Yessss! Do you hear that music? It’s the world tuning into the renewed you! Sounds AWESOME!

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