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Are you ready? Set?...go?

I get the biggest kick out of knowing I can start ALL over again. Well…until I realized I missed the final deadline of a once in a lifetime opportunity. OR like “you only have one time to make a first impression”. Did you mess up on some things in 2016? Did you take what seems like the wrong turn in your life? Did you sign on the dotted line that turned into a circle of headaches?

Well, one of the greatest things I love about my God is that He never says, “Too bad. You’re OUT!” or “You blew it! Don’t come to me crying!” or “What are you an idiot? Did I not tell you to NOT do that?”

Sound familiar? LOL! Yes, unfortunately most of us have heard similar. FORTUNATELY, God is the most gracious, kindest, and most compassionate “let’s try this again” “second chance” God I know. There is no other like Him. I have lost count of my ‘second chances’, haven’t you? Well…it’s time to start again. The year 2017 is a NEW YEAR of new opportunities to get it right. Never fear! The Almighty God is here! He is the king of super heroes (without wearing tights). Even if others have left you or blew you off for the mistakes you have made, He will not. He will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you and He will help you the next time. Take a chance and stick with Him. You got another 365 days to try one more time. Happy New Year!

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