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Missing Link


"Begin to bring the peace of life together"

At some point in almost all of our lives, painful times come and peace seems to be light-years away or non-existent and there is no where to go to receive it.

Missing Link is the next step for you to rest your mind, soul, and spirit, so you may gradually process trusting God and building strength to heal and get back to the peace that passeth all understanding. We know what it is like to ache for space to regroup, replenish, restore and just Take the time to take care of you at Missing Link.


BigLiving room.jpg
The moment you step into the center, the warmth of acceptance, kindness, comfort and compassion of volunteers are available for you to answer any questions and help you process through the painful things that have taken place in your life.  No hurry and no worries!! We give you time to get back to the basics of hearing God's voice, no TV's, Internet, WiFi or cell phones allowed. (a house phone is available for emergencies)
Stepping into "Grandma's" kitchen with the smell of a home cooked meal and the sound of laughter is the next bridge in your journey.  It's amazing how a simple meal and good conversation can take the edge off of the stressful cliff hangers of life's challenges.
There is nothing like the creative arts that generates a calm and rejuvenation of the heart and mind. This begins in the Julia Wallace McLin Arts for the Hearts room.  Peace and release of stress is generated when you take the time to create and design or just color in your favorite coloring book.  This area is surrounded by an array of options to get you started.

Welcome to mental restoration in the Link Library. A quiet room.  A good book. 

A cozy spot to sit...think...and continue to find the path of healing.  Join the tranquil moments of finding your heart to not just survive but thrive.


Everyone needs a moment with God, alone to hear only one voice.  God's voice.   There is a designated prayer room for just you and Him to share whatever it is on your heart.   Take your time.  He is always ready to hear your heart.

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