If only, I could start over. You can!

MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT December 29, 2019 Do you ever wish you could start your life over again? Do you ever say to yourself…”If I only knew then what I know now.” I certainly have. But after much prayer and plenty of crying nights in the past, I have to say for the most part, I DID know then what I know now. What’s different from then and now? Wisdom. Experience. And most of all, a consistent committed relationship with the Lord. All those things came years later after bumps, breakups and blunders. However, guess who was there the whole time? Jesus! Even before I gave my life to Him…He was there and He is here with me AND you!! He gives us so many resources

Recognize YOUR value!

MOTIVATIONAL MOMENT December 22, 2019 Who in the world are you? Have you figured out your purpose? Have you any idea of your value? If you are here…YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made to be who God called you to be! Do you know that? What is stopping you from being aware and walking in your purpose? What if you found out it was …you? Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. When we are busy trying to be like someone else, or jealous of the next person or fearful doing what God has called us to do…it’s not them! It’s YOU that’s holding YOU back. When God made you, He created an incredibly, unique and powerful gift to give to the world. What is y

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