Holiness? & FUN?!

Motivational Moment August 18, 2019 Can you still have fun and live a life of holiness? If God gave you the ability to laugh and He made us in His image, wouldn’t it be safe to say that God encourages fun in our lives. A friend of mine (Rachel Hockett) shared something so powerful last Sunday, and answered some hard questions about holiness…here’s the just the gist…she asked… "What if God’s commandment to be holy is not a judgement against who we are not, but a promise of who we can be? What if this is an invitation to be our true and best self and to take on the nature of our Father. Philippians 2:13 says it is God who works in us to will to do His will. When Jesus died for me, He did it

What is the point of Holiness?

Why is there resistance to Holiness? Is it fear? Or misunderstanding? Or both? Last week we talked about one part of holiness is discipline. Discipline is basically making a conscious habit of strengthening a practice or standard. And what does that require? Effort. Here’s the deal, the love of God is consistent. And He loves us no matter what. His constancy to love us is His nature. However, you and I? Well…we are human and we have to make a conscious effort to do anything! Even loving each other! I was feeling like a heel when I saw text messages and pictures posted of my dear family and friends kids graduating from high school!! Where have I been?? What efforts have I made through their c

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