SSShhhhhh!!!! DON’T SAY IT!!! You ever felt like speaking your mind and end up putting your foot in your mouth? Yup! Plenty of times we kicked ourselves in the teeth. My mom used to say “think before you speak”. Most of us would probably “speak as we think”. If we feel taken for granted or disrespected or dishonored, we will shoot off deadly verbal bullets of retaliation. Remember the last time you did? The taste of your toe-jam is a delectable reminder to just….sssshhhhhh!! Words. They speak VOLUMES in every situation. They can make a beautiful moment even more radiant. They can make a painful moment intensify. We have to be cautious of our words. The odd thing about words is tha

Focus on the new...for YOU!

New shoes? New house? New job? New car? New love? New things in life bring such a fresh awakening of God’s kindness and His glory. With every new beginning there is expectancy. Guess who isn’t new? God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. BUT because He is eternal, there is no way you will know all of the wonderful things He has for you. To you, they are new. Did you know how much He gets a kick out of giving to you!? He has more than you can ever imagine or dream of…yes, for YOU! For some, it may not feel like God is good. I know. The past SEVERAL years have been pretty rough. Sometimes I wondered if I was on punishment for something. In reality, life has its ups and downs

Where is your focus?

Waaaaaiittt a minute…before we get too caught up in this "new president" stuff...don't "trump" your focus on YOUR purpose and HIS plan! Let’s start this again. In order to do what we have been talking about when this year started (and the rest of your life) is to remember resolution one AND two! Have you ever heard the phrase “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything?” My dearest mommy use to say this. She also said, “Don’t let some boy make a fool out of you” and “You betta get in this house before I kick yo’…” well, never mind that part. You get the picture. Anyway, the first two resolutions work for everything, even the household family rules regularly protested by

SSoOO have you started?

Soooo have you started? Your New Year’s resolution? What a joy to start ALL over! Well? Have you? We are only a few days into the new year. So if you haven’t begun to be more awesome, what are you waiting for? You are one the most incredible person in this world. No one else can be you except you! So accept you! Accept that your purpose and the plan God has for you is ONLY for you! He has not changed His mind. If you feel off course or not sure, talk to Him…then LISTEN! If anyone knows all of what you can do wouldn’t it be the one who created you? He designed you as an original. There was no mold to break. You’re it!! Every unique attribute and characteristic and talent and pers

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