Going to college...how?

All I wanted was to get away from home. I lived in a strict household especially for girls. Now, don’t get me wrong, the foundation of why was extremely rewarding. Girls can’t really get away with as much as boys when it comes to a lot of stuff that I wont get into right now. Anyway, I wanted to LIVE! I thought about joining the armed forces until they told me so many “can nots” I decided…hhmm…NOPE! So, college it was…then HOLLYWOOD. Well, at least I finished college, with 3 degrees. Anyway, if you have a desire to go to college, GO! Do NOT use the excuse of “no money available”. There are plenty of scholarships, grants and fellowships. IF you are willing to do the work, you are willing to g

My only regret is...

I wish I got to know Him better. I wish I had paid serious attention to His beckoning call. He tugged at my heart since I was a very little girl…like kindergarten. He was ALWAYS sweet. He was ALWAYS kind. He was ALWAYS forgiving, a good listener, excellent guidance, and most of all, He loved me beyond my imagination. All of this and more and He has not changed a bit. He is the ONLY one in my life who has NEVER left me or FORSAkeN me. Never. And He never will. My regret? I wish I had spent more time with Him MUCH earlier in my life. I wish I had listened to Him more when I recognized His pulling for my attention…when He was encouraging me to focus on Him…make Him number one. Unfortunately, I

What scares me?

It use to be losing my mom. Unfortunately, she passed away election day November 6, 2012. Since then, I have no clue. Losing her was my greatest fear. Or was it death coming so close to me? Not sure but since the "dark shadow" came that close, the fear seems to have a foggy lingering. Not full blown fear but maybe deep concern is what I have about my future. Now that I am finally getting my feet truly saturated in the risk-taking aspects of fulfilling my dreams, it concerns me that I may not have enough time to fulfill them. How do you stop the clock from ticking? Remove the springs? Or just ignore it and keep moving, hoping you have enough time? I wasted so much of it, assuming I would hav

A mentor...? Wow.

I’m stuck on this one. I use to have one or two from time to time. I guess when your life goes through a whirlwind of major surprising challenges, you spend more time trying to keep up and maintain a steady livelihood that you never give a single thought to someone mentoring you. The only thing on my mind the last few years was getting back on my feet, regrouping and starting over. But…a mentor??? Sure would have been nice to have one WHILE I was struggling. Wait… Now that I think about it, it sure would be awesome to have one. Actually, I do! 24 hours a day. Honestly, I have gotten use to just talking to Him (Christ). It’s easy. Familiar. Trusting. Convenient. I have life coaches in differe

Passion. Push. Greatness.

Aaaahhh Passion… I absolutely love to see a well produced show that delivers an excellent performance bubbling into an eternal standing ovation for delivering the truth of God’s Word. Yes, I have a sincere passion to see it done right and make it happen. Is it my innate desire to “fix” things to make sure nothing goes wrong? Maybe. It could be a combination of my desire to make sure the message of the project is excellent and the tug at my heart to see the audience respond with a desire to grow. Heal. Prosper. I went to see the movie JOY last Christmas. It was like I was watching someone else live my life, or at least close to it. The drive she (Joy) had to achieve her dream and all of the r

The tug of love...friends

Have you ever had a friend that keeps tugging at your shirt and saying, “Hey! You said you were gonna…when?” Yup! THAT person got me started on many things with a “tug”…sometimes felt like a shove. Frankly, this friend does the same thing I DO to others! Tug. Push. Shove. Encourage with determination to see my peeps move in their purpose. It’s sssooo funny how I do this for others saying, “Jeezz! Do they not see that talking about it and doing it are two different things? Do they not see that they have a gift or talent in this area but the only one stopping them is them?” I get it, dearest “tug” friend(s). And I got it. I finally started my first website this year (working on the business si

Day 6 What resource do I need most?

Me. For many years, everyone else came first. Family. Friends. Strangers. Church. Work. But not me. I must say I went to far. Okay, is there anyone else out there who has a passion for helping others get to their destination and you put yourself on a shelf much more often than the average person? Well…? Surely I am not alone in this. Surely I am not the only one who forgot to keep in mind this amazing word I am seeking daily. Balance. Yes, we are suppose to support and help others. NO we are not suppose to dump ourselves in the “sea of forgetfulness” to an extreme that we drown ourselves in exhaustion while forgetting an important personal resource. Yourself. Well…after spending 98% of my l

Excavating. Rebuilding. Reinforcing.

Have you ever stood content and out of no where someone pulls the rug out from under you? or someone pushes you off a cliff? or drops you deep in an ocean and know you can’t swim? ALL this back to back while you were trying to build your life…or at least what you thought it was suppose to be. Well…been there done that and strangely enough, THANK GOD for it. Thank God for all the backstabbers, haters and perpetrators. Why? I am finally able to say if it wasn’t for all of them and just “life” stuff unexpectedly, I would not be where I am today. Right BACK to the beginning. The plan? Rebuilding my life by excavating what I THOUGHT was sufficient to stand upon. Rebuilding my mind, body and soul

Wisdom vs Obsession

The picture in post 4 reminds me of the mindset of desire and sin. (since I can't seem to add the picture to this post, it is a picture of a dog leaping off a cliff on a mountain to grab a flying bird with his mouth). God has placed in us simple desires: to eat, to love, for warmth, etc. However, HOW we go about feeding those desires depends on the heart of wisdom. Wisdom is truly taking the moment to think of the best choice in the long run. Sin is making the wrong choice to fulfilling a desire with no way of knowing ALL of the unending, undesirable consequences…some immediate and some for years to come. For instance, we all have a desire AND a need to eat. But, after stepping on several s


In spite of my pull to just chill in the coziness of His presence, the activities of the day beckon my attention. A perfect day begins with Him, coffee, breakfast and a gorgeous view of the oceans waves from a safely tucked away resting on a balcony, connected to my condo... and continues with reviewing the layout of my next book and workbook...stepping into my new SUV and head to the television studios to produce my talk show interviewing those who found joy through pain and encouraging those still searching for the joy that seems impossible...lunch with my sister(s) sharing abundant moral support and laughter at a nearby cafe...on to the local university to teach a class to up-and-coming

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