What is CJOY Ministries

Got a need? Your Source is ready to fulfill those needs. Who?

The Almighty God!

And guess who He uses to help fulfill your need on earth? Each of us! This is what CJoy Ministries is all about. CJoy Ministries is designed to be your Resource to connect with those who can answer your questions, fulfill a need, teach and train in different areas of your life where you need growth. Everyone needs help from time to time. To meet a need when challenges seem endless and hopeless, we are living to help one another – to be a resource.


In the midst of searching for the right resource, CJoy Ministries is here. We have gathered an array of resources with one click to deliver or guide you to the answers you need. In the midst of your challenges to fulfill your need(s), you will discover that through each challenge, God’s grace, peace and joy is with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will guide you into all truth as well as your practical needs. CJoy Ministries is delighted to be a hub to guide you to the resources and get you on “the other side” of whatever you are dealing with in life.


The founder of CJoy Ministries, Crystal Joy, is also available as a Teacher, Writer, Producer/Coordinator, Minister and Financial Coach. Her mission is to Teach, Inspire and Encourage Empowerment. Through her personal experiences of enormous challenges, setbacks and revelation of Joy, through Christ, she is passionately excited to utilize her gifts to empower you to fulfill your destiny. To learn more about Crystal Joy (click here)

So let’s get started. Check out the resources in this website and begin a journey out of the ashes and into the beautiful life God has in store for you!  AND You will discover Joy in Your Journey.